Introducing The Posthumous Review

Hi! I go by a lot of names, Peter the Posthumous, Legion, or even The Underground Man; but it is not what I’m called that matters–it’s that I read and review the macabre material so you don’t have to!

There’s a quote from The Conspiracy Against the Human Race,  “True macabrists are as rare as poets and form a secret society by the bad-standing of their membership elsewhere, some of their outside affiliations having been cancelled as early as birth. But those who have gotten a good whiff of other worlds and sampled cuisine marginal to stable existence will not be able to stay themselves from the uncanny feast of horrors that has been laid out for them. They will loiter in moonlight,  eyeing the entranceways to cemeteries waiting for the propitious moment to crash the gates and see what’s inside.” The is the dark light that bathes my blog! lololol

It is in this void I will praise the inverse sanctity of Thomas Ligotti, exploring the works either blurbed by him or mentioned in his Conspiracy, or other books I’ve stumbled across while gravitating toward destruction in one form or another. And since I am your ever-gracious host, I feel it would be in keeping for me to clarify a few terms that may appear in the coming aeons:

  • Antinatalism, the philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth.
  • Nihilism in philosophy is the complete rejection of moral values or religious beliefs.
  • Pessimism in philosophy is the belief that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.
  • Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life voluntarily or intentionally. [I will probably never refer to career suicide.]
  • Ghost, n. The outward and visible sign of an inward fear (Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary).

Now of course these are boiled down to bare outlines. What do you expect, I’m not a philosopher–I don’t even have a degree, last I checked they won’t enroll a shaky, creaky skeleton into the hallowed halls of academia. But, alas… Of course not all the books will have anything to do with these bulleted terms, for my interests are sundry and I pursue them with an intensity that my moths marvel at.

It takes a lot of strength to stare straight on at the bleakness of the world, it makes me really grateful that I have no eyes.

Love ya.

…the necronomicon, a highly secret magical text released in paperback.

–William S. Burroughscomus


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